Sonntag, 28. Februar 2010

Hope Conspiracy / Rise & Fall Tour poster

here's a limited print i made for the 2010 european tour of the hope conspiracy and rise and fall.
kevin asked if i could do a print for their short tour and this is what i came up with.seeing how their latest record was called "true nihilist" i thought it was good to have the man himself in it.i only made 40 of them and they sold out the same day i handed them over to the bands.the banners flying around have nietzsche quotes on them.he's still the man no matter what...

Samstag, 27. Februar 2010

well,here's the 1st Ladies shirt

i have been hearing a lot of complaints from women that Shirts & Destroy don't offer enough womens shirt.guess what,i listened and decided to do the 1st "ladies only" shirt.sorry guys,this time you're gonna be left out (unless you really like it that much that you can picture yourself in a petite womens shirt).anyway,here it is.lets see if anybody finds out what the text means...

Jesuit Artwork

here's something that i have been working on for quite a's done for one of my favorite hc bands from the late 90's -'s a shame they never got the credit they deserved so i was extremely happy to hear that brent from magic bullet decided to relese a posthum discography lp and when my friend nate asked me to do the cover i was more than happy.
if you haven't heard them (or heard of them) you have to listen to them.they were so ahead of their time if you ask me.
but enough of the praise here is the full cover,which is gonna be a gatefold lp.
some people might notice the two ladies from my "sabbath" print from 2008 gracing the cover.
so now you know how long this has been in the works.i started working on it early 2008 and had the whole thing nearly finished when my harddrive crashed along with ALL my files.time passed and we forgot about it.fortunately nate didn't and i started from scratch again and now it's finally done....




hello everyone.
i thought it was about time i started a blog and got my lazy ass going.i'm gonna upload some artwork real soon so hang on tight.