Sonntag, 28. Februar 2010

Hope Conspiracy / Rise & Fall Tour poster

here's a limited print i made for the 2010 european tour of the hope conspiracy and rise and fall.
kevin asked if i could do a print for their short tour and this is what i came up with.seeing how their latest record was called "true nihilist" i thought it was good to have the man himself in it.i only made 40 of them and they sold out the same day i handed them over to the bands.the banners flying around have nietzsche quotes on them.he's still the man no matter what...

8 Kommentare:

  1. What´s up man, I´m a big fan of your artwork!!!
    The best regards.



  2. thanks Hélio,good to see i have a fan in brazil!

  3. Hi there !
    Nice work man !
    I'm a colleague from Belgium !
    Hope to see you some time !
    Take care

  4. i really dig this print. it draws me in.

  5. Dope! Killer colours, killer skull, killer bands!
    i would have used the original bandlogo's. They rule!
    Big up!

  6. Soy de México, como puedo conseguir sus excelentes trabajos, sublimes, quisiera comprar varios posters, dejo mi correo, saludos :)