Mittwoch, 18. Dezember 2013

"Order of the Seven Serpents" print

Hey everyone,

for everyone who didn't get lucky getting one of my Lord of the Rings print yesterday I will be releasing another print today that I have been working on for quite a while.
It is titled "Order of the Seven Serpents" and is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 100, and will cost $40. The variant has an edition of 50 and will cost $55. These go up today (Wednesday, December 18th) at 11am Central Time.

The actual Order of the Seven Serpents is something I have been working on for one or two years and this is the first release under that banner.
More to be revealed soon;)

Both versions of will be released by    



Lord of the Rings print - "Witch King and the Fell Beast"

Hey everyone,

I know it's been a while since I have posted new stuff!
Yesterday a new print of mine got finally released that I did about a year ago.
When working with officially licensed characters as this one the time between completion of the art and the actual manufacture of the screenprint can take a loooooong time.
One of the reasons is the art has to be approved by the license holder/ the film studio etc before you can use it.
But after what feels like a million years ( I am impatient ) I got the news that it is finally released.
I hope you like the final product;)
“Witch King and Fell Beast” is a 24″ x 36″ screenprint, has an edition of 180, and will cost $45.
The variant has an edition of 85 and will cost $65.
available from Mondo here:

Donnerstag, 22. August 2013

New deck design from Creature Skateboards!

Hey everyone,

hope all is well.I know I promised to post more frequently and I am still trying to.
I know I know.......

I just got a note by my friend Lee from Creature Skateboards that my new deck design is available now.
Very exited about this!

Montag, 5. August 2013

New print "The Native" available Tuesday August 6th!

Hey everyone,

I know it has been a little quiet around here lately but I had a lot going on and most importantly I got married to my beautiful girlfriend and now wife!

But - it's not like I have been totally inactive because secretly I had the good folks at Shirts & Destroy have the also good folks at Burlesque print my newest print titled "The Native".
The drawing itself was inspired by an old photograph of Whirling Horse,who supposedly was a member of Buffalo Bill Cody's entourage.
The print will be available from Shirts & Destroy right HERE

Release date: Tuesday August 6th

Florian Bertmer "The Native" 17" x 24" 5 color screenprint on French Paper standard edition $35
 photo NATIVEstandard-1.jpg

Florian Bertmer "The Native"  17" x 24" 5 color screenprint on French Paper screenprint variant $55
X 40
 photo NATIVEvariant-1.jpg

Florian Bertmer "The Native" 17" x 24" 5 color screenprint on French Paper screenprint friends and family variant $120
 photo NATIVELIMITEDvariant-1.jpg

available from Shirts & Destroy right HERE

Montag, 8. Juli 2013

Self Edge X Florian Bertmer

Hey Guys,

Today I can finally anounce my latest collaboration with my fav high-end Japanese and American denim retail store, the infamous Self Edge from San Francisco.The denimheads among you already know about them being one of the first retailers bringing japanese denim to the west.
When I found out the were fans of my work we decided to work on a series of T-shirts together.
These shirts are without a doubt the pinnacle in terms of cut and quality made by japanese denim brand The Flat Head.
There are two designs.The first one called "Teufelshund" features Self Edge owner Kiya Babzani's dog Diesel.The whole design is a reference to ww2 USMC.
The germans in ww1 feared the US Marines so much they named them Teufelshunde - which means devil dogs, allegedly because of their bulldog tenacity and fighting spirit.Ever since then this nickname stuck with the Marines and they have adopted it as their motto.
Since I wanted to base my design on something ww2 related my initial idea was to design an emblem in the tradition of old ww2 bomber units but in the end I combined the two and voila' - the Teufelshund!
Diesel is wearing a ww2 USMC helmet with dog tags and sporting an eagle and a devil wing.
The second design is an hommage to 60's kustom kulture/hot rod especially Ed "big daddy" Roth.
The sewing machine on the hood of the car is called a Union Special,which is used for hemming high end denim in a so called chain stitch.These machines are extremely rare nowadays and are almost iconic in the denim universe.A true denim fanatic will instantly know what this machine is.
After I had finished the design I found out I drew one of Self Edge's employees without knowing it - Casey Wisenbaker.Look him up or visit him at Self Edge LA!

You can get these and more cool shit HERE!

Freitag, 21. Juni 2013

Some unused Art from my Archives....

Here are two shirt designs I did for the HC band BANE somewhere around 1999/2000...
I don't even remember why they didn't get used but who cares after such a long time anyway;)

Donnerstag, 30. Mai 2013

Howling Wolf 6 year anniversary print!

Celebrating their six year anniversary and ongoing friendship with yours truly,
Shirts and Destroy will release new colorways of my “Howling Wolf” art print.
This version will be slightly different than the previous two versions.
The print itself is a whoppin' 23″ x 35″ monster available in three versions:

orange (edition of 100, $45), blue (edition of 40, $65), blue/orange (edition of15,$100).
The prints will go up Tuesday, June 4th at a random time!
These will be available from Shirts & Destroy HERE
Be there or be square,


Freitag, 19. April 2013

Rejoice! Brand new T-shirts from Shirts & Destroy!

Hey everyone,

hope you guys are getting ready to enjoy the summer I know I sure am.To get things started here are a few new T-shirts available from my store at Shirts & Destroy!
First of is a new color for everyone's favorite Jodorowsky movie - "the Alchemist":

 Next up is a charming portrayal of the Great Beast himself -Mr. Crowley:

This one speaks for itself:

and the last one is "Nephilim" available again as a two color print for the first time!

Get them while you still can HERE

Freitag, 22. März 2013

American Nightmare Prints signed and numbered available now!

Hey there,

People have been asking me about the American Nightmare print for a while and today i can finally offer it to you guys.These 75 weren't completelly finished in time for the actual show but we decided to give all the people who weren't able to snag one at the show the chance to get one.The color scheme on these is slightly different and i actually prefer these to the regular 100.
All of them are signed and numbered by me.
You can get them from these kind folks right HERE!
Thank you for your support,


Freitag, 1. Februar 2013

Two new shirts at Shirts & Destroy!

Hey Everyone,

I just got word from the good folks at Shirts & Destroy that they have restocked my Night of the living Dead Shirt and a completely new design.

The Aleister Crowley design is actually an old "classic" from 2008.
It was printed in a super limited edition for the San Francisco Catalyst Artshow that featured myself as well as amazing artists like Aaron Horkey,Justin Bartlett,Aaron Turner,Seldon Hunt and Stephen Kasner (who sadly seems to have completely disappeared from everyone's radar - Is he in witness protection ??? ).

The second design is a new edition of my NOTLD shirt in a slightly different color way.
Hope you guys like them;)

You can get both these and more designs from my store right HERE

Freitag, 18. Januar 2013

New drawing....

Hey everyone,

I am writing you guys from LAX airport where I am waiting for my better half to arrive.
As you might have guessed it is quite boring sitting here surrounded by strangers so I thought i'd use the time to update my blog and post a new drawing....

This I drew while re-watching the genius TV show Band of Brothers.The term "Snafu" is a military acronym for situation normal: all fucked up which according to most sources originated within the United States Marine Corps during World War 2.

Mittwoch, 9. Januar 2013

Finally some new shirts and restocks at Shirt & Destroy!

Hey Everyone,

Hope you all had a good Christmas and a happy New Years Eve!
The new year is slowly kicking in and to start it off I present you some fresh shirts from my old friends from Shirts & Destroy.
Some of you might recognize a few of these.One of them is actually my very first own shirt design i did with them about 6 years ago....
And before some of you start to ask "why no black shirts?" - well,i am currently really bored of doing black shirts because it has been done a million times and everyone is doing it.....

Check them out HERE