Montag, 29. November 2010

my new STAR WARS print!

Geez,i have been wanting to tell you about this print for quite some time but i promised Mondo to keep my mouth shut.finally it is being released - thanks to Rob for spending 70 hours doing the separations on this beast.i`m pretty sure he hates me more than hitler after this and i couldn`t blame him.
anyway,here is everybody`s favorite bounty hunter - Greedo.
i can`t tell you how many days/hours i spend on this was insane....
hope you like it.lets see who can name ALL characters in the picture correctly.i think there is about 34 SW characters in you can see the whole drawing was done by hand in one piece.
i have included some WIP pics for those interested in stuff like this.
oh and this one goes up for sale 12/2/2010 at a random time right HERE
may the force be with you,


Montag, 22. November 2010

HELL.COM is alive

go here and sign up if you are interested in being notified on my upcoming project with Moon Editions. the mailing list is the same as the moon list, so if you already signed up to the moon list, you don`t need to sign the list....

Donnerstag, 11. November 2010

new pic....

Details and release info coming next week!


here`s something in did yesterday.i have never done any sculpting but i`ve always wanted to so i got me some sculpey and tried.i`m actually kinda happy with the result.if you don`t know who this is then A) shame on you and B) check this out.
Cthulhu has always been one of my favorite characters and i always wanted a cool bust for my desk but i couldn`t find anything cool (or affordable) so i went ahead and made one myself.
hope you dig it;)