Donnerstag, 27. Mai 2010

i finally got them!

today was awesome because i finally got my holy mountain prints.i can't believe i did those 5 months case you're wondering why i had to wait so long - it's always like that no matter what company you work hard feelings i'm just happy to finally see it in person and the guys at D & L screenprinting did a perfect job!
oh yeah that strange machine at the top?that is my broken xbox 360.actually the third one that decided to go fuck itself and die.
i tried to repair it but as you might have guessed - no dice.
fuck you microsoft,


6 Kommentare:

  1. Looks damn good, Florian. I was surprised to hear that you don't do your own screenprinting though.

    Sorry about the XBOX.

  2. One of my favorite movies. If you've never seen El Topo for some strange reason, you need to.

  3. @jolene: i've seen el topo and it's amazing;)
    @nicotine:really?thing is i live in some small shitty country called germany and 99% of the people i work with/for are from the states.if i did the screenprinting myself it would become extremely expensive with shipping/producing compared to doing it in the states.
    fuck that xbox.

  4. That makes a lot of sense, Florian.

    What's the process for one of these things? Do you draw it out on the computer with a tablet? Do you ever do any relief prints? Or lithography?

    Sorry for the questions. I'm only curious. Did you hear about King Shot being canceled? Bummed me out pretty hard...

  5. no problem;)
    i always draw on paper with pen and ink.i never draw digitally.the only thing i do with a computer is coloring it.
    i haven`t done any relief prints yet but maybe i`ll do one in the future.
    king shot is being cancelled?damn i didn`t know surprise really because commercially jodorowsky is box office poison for hollywood.
    can you imaging him and moebius doing dune?now that would have been mindbending...

  6. Ugh....... I know this is ancient and dead horses lie but dude, That fucking Jodorowsky/Moebius shit would have been... like... )P#QW(IFJW#I(FW#()*J))#(JF )(#FJ I CAN'T EVEN ACCEPT ANY OF THE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF METAPHORS SLIPPING IN AND OUT AND THROUGH MY CONSCIOUSNESS! Nothing seems acceptable. Single tear.

    ps Amazing Holy Mountain poster though — here's to the amount of praying I'm about to do to the old gods that I may find one somewhere on the interwebs!