Montag, 18. Oktober 2010

New Print available from Moon Editions!

hey everyone,
while i was staying in san francisco i managed to do a new print with my friends from Moon Editions.
as you might know my prints usually aren`t signed by myself due to the fact that i live in germany while my prints are made in the US.luckily i was around for the whole printing process so we decided to not only have them signed in person but give each print two hand drawn embellishments plus one hand painted higlight.
as you might guess that took quite some time haha.
you will be able to get the print HERE
hope you like it,


7 color serigraph on archival Stonehenge 250gsm (Grey).


18.25" x 27.25"

Signed and numbered by the artist.

Edition of 40.

USPS First Class shipping + Handling included!

5 Kommentare:

  1. just purchased. this and horkey in the same week. brokest.

  2. Just got mine in the mail today. This is an amazing print Florian, one of your best yet. The extra goodie was an excellent surprise!

  3. @SurfaceNoiseBlog:glad you like the extra goodie and the print!