Mittwoch, 9. Februar 2011

The Unholy Trinity

Florian Bertmer "Unholy Trinity" Limited Shirt Package.

We present to you the shirt package for the damned. Conceived in a
rural german village by a sadistic ink smith, marked in the depths of
the abyss by the dark lord himself, and manufactured in the coldest of
factories by wicked heathens, the Unholy Trinity was forged.

The Unholy Trinity Package includes :

- Organic Premium Shirt / Printed by Shirts & Destroy
- Laser cut & engraved black enamel medallion / MFG by Moon
- Hand printed kraft wrapping paper. / MFG by Moon
- Stamped & numbered chipboard tag. / MFG by Moon

Shipped in a stamped chipboard mailer.

Limited to 50 per colorway via /

Moon - 50 Gold / Moon Medallion

Shirts & Destroy - 50 Bone / S&D Skull Medallion

Hell - 50 Blood / Hell Medallion (Sold Out)

Drop out of life, give us your money, and order now before it's to

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  1. Beautiful packaging! It's neat to see the t-shirt going to another level...not just a garment, but an event.