Mittwoch, 17. September 2014

After what feels like an are some new t-shirts and more!

Hello everone,

First of all apologies for my absence and for almost no new content posted lately. I am horrible at social networking but thank you for sticking with me.
Today I can show you a few new T-shirt designs that are all available from Shirts & Destroy!
Let's start of with a brand new one called "Rebel"

Keen observers might see the "Wild One" reference in this one. If you haven't seen this movie you oughta check it out.

Next up is an old classic and it's the "Alchemist" in a brand new colorway!

Speaking of classics we also have printed a new run of "Howling Wolf" designs in a new colorway:

Everyone needs a little bit of occultism in their life so we thought to print good ole' Aleister on a  dried blood red shirt:

For those of you who want to worship the Great Old One you can do it style with this one when you go to Miskatonic University next semester:

Last but not least we have another new design :

Oh, btw we made the coolest Bandanas on the planet :

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