Samstag, 7. August 2010

"Alchemist" shirt online from Shirts & Destroy!

Hey everyone,
been some time since i`ve posted new shit.last couple of weeks have been pretty crammed with work and i really didn`t have much time to post new stuff.
i just finished a HUGE poster for one of my all time fav movies but unfortunately i`m not allowed to give you guys more info as of now.let`s just say i have never put in more characters in one must be about 34 or more.
but anyway here is something i CAN show you and it was printed by the good folks at Shirts&Destroy.Some of you may recognize it from my Holy Mountain poster a while back.
hope you like it!
you can get it here


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  1. any chance of restocks? I would absolutely LOVE to get one of these!