Montag, 29. November 2010

my new STAR WARS print!

Geez,i have been wanting to tell you about this print for quite some time but i promised Mondo to keep my mouth shut.finally it is being released - thanks to Rob for spending 70 hours doing the separations on this beast.i`m pretty sure he hates me more than hitler after this and i couldn`t blame him.
anyway,here is everybody`s favorite bounty hunter - Greedo.
i can`t tell you how many days/hours i spend on this was insane....
hope you like it.lets see who can name ALL characters in the picture correctly.i think there is about 34 SW characters in you can see the whole drawing was done by hand in one piece.
i have included some WIP pics for those interested in stuff like this.
oh and this one goes up for sale 12/2/2010 at a random time right HERE
may the force be with you,


15 Kommentare:

  1. I love you for this. Thanks for the process pics, too. It's amazing. Cheers.

  2. Beautiful... thank you for sharing the artistic process in this blog post! Your talent is quite clear, keep up the excellent work.

  3. alter, du treibst den wahnsinn wirklich auf die spitze.

    gruß aus köln

  4. Holly shit!!! This is fuckin´amazing!!! I love SW and I like a lot you work. It´s perfect, please make a shirt too!

    See ya.


  5. thanks everyone,glad you guys like it!

  6. Excellent poster!

    1. Het Nkik
    2. Jek Nkik
    3. Arleil Schous
    4. Bom Vimdin
    5. Feltipern Trevagg
    6. Momaw Nadon
    7. Tzizvvt
    8. Hem Dazon
    9. Garindan
    10. Mosep Binneed
    11. Solomahal
    12. Leesub Sirln
    13. Elis Helrot
    14. Teak Sidbam
    15. Dice Ibegon
    16. Muftak
    17. Lirin C'arn
    18. Trinto Duaba
    19. Fu-Manchu
    20. Chachi De Maal
    21. Pons Limbic
    22. Myo
    23. Kitik Keed'kak
    24. BoShek
    25. Figrin D'an
    26. M'iiyoom Onith
    27. Karoly D'ulin (Brea Tonnika)
    28. Shada D'ukal (Seni Tonnika)
    29. Dannik Jerriko
    30. Nabrun Leids
    31. Hrchek Kal Fas
    32. Zutton
    33. Kabe
    34. Greedo

  7. wow dylansdad you even got the fu manchu character i`m impressed!how long did it take to get all the names??

  8. I did some research during an extended breakfast today--I needed something to do while I was waiting for the poster to go on sale this morning. It turned out great, by the way! Thanks for a really fun contribution to the series.

  9. Why isn't it for sale anymore?!?!

  10. Wow!! Perfect!! How do you draw this perfect curve forms?