Donnerstag, 11. November 2010


here`s something in did yesterday.i have never done any sculpting but i`ve always wanted to so i got me some sculpey and tried.i`m actually kinda happy with the result.if you don`t know who this is then A) shame on you and B) check this out.
Cthulhu has always been one of my favorite characters and i always wanted a cool bust for my desk but i couldn`t find anything cool (or affordable) so i went ahead and made one myself.
hope you dig it;)


5 Kommentare:

  1. A wonderful piece of work. Do you have any larger versions of the vignettes used to create the montage?

  2. That is impressive. Very awesome!

  3. Excellent piece! Very unique interpretation of an idol of Cthulhu.

  4. Incredible. Cthulhu has always fascinated me. Really dig it.

  5. WOW. How about running a limited set of casts? I recently acquired the Hickman/Bowen statue after more than a decade of searching, and am now looking for companions. Yours is one of the sickest designs I've seen. Kudos!